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About Us
Eden Biochar is situated on a smallholding just outside of Mossel Bay. It started as an operation to clear dead bush from our land to diminish the risk of wildfires. Simultaneously we studied the subject of biochar over a substantial period of time.

We started experimenting with different methods of producing biochar, and stuck with a pyrolysis method that is most conducive for soil enhancement. We learnt how to best inoculate biochar with aerobic earthworm tea and mix it with our own organic compost.

Our own garden soil is extremely poor, so we started adding charged biochar to the garden beds. This yielded excellent results. We know that this concept is still very new in South Africa, so we recognised it as an opportunity to both educate people and supply them with a high quality product.

Our business is currently small scale, which also has the positive effect that we attend to each of the processes on a personal level. The production can, however, be expanded fairly rapidly, which means that we are open to any trade enquiries.

We prefer contact form email communication.  Should you however fail to reach us that way, or urgently need to speak to us, you can phone Renée at 072-760-2522 or Pieter at 082-568-9632.
A portion of our garden (summer of 2020)
Pieter & Renée Louw