Scientific literature ( a few random biochar studies):
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Biochar can replace peat moss (1)

Biochar can replace peat moss (2 - Poinsettia & Easter Lily)

Biochar can boost maize yields up to 140%

Increased microbial activity without any negative effects of biochar on root systems

Amazing rooftop garden in Kuala Lumpur: grown with biochar.

Biochar significantly boosts growth of lettuce and cabbage
Biochar reduces heavy metal contamination and promotes growth
Microbially inoculated biochar can act as a renewable phosphorous fertilizer
Vermicompost and biochar enhances the formation of beneficial mychorrhizal fungi
Seedling nursery: Improve returns with biochar as an excellent growth medium amendment

Biochar increased Avocado yields by 150% (p13/14) potato yields by 53% (p 16/17) and Zucchinis by 25% (p26) in Australia

Improving Pea quality with biochar in Southern Africa
Study in Nature Magazine: Biochar improves water holding capacity by 10-15%
Biochar prevents nitrogen losses by between 58% and 70%

Charged biochar increased plant growth by 139%-305%