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Using LSC in plant beds:
EdenBiochar (2:15)
Amazing Biochar:
Gardener Scott (19:35)
Using LSC with established plants:
EdenBiochar (3:01)
Biochar Research: 
Prof Bruno Glaser  (19:34)
Microbes and their importance: 
Morehead Science Centre (3:11)
How Biochar holds moisture: 
Ultra Comost (1:58)
Time Lapse Comparison: 
BlueSky Biochar (1:28)
What is Biochar?   (4:23)
OYR Sustainable Organic Gardening
Biochar - The Future of Farming: 
TEDxHilo Josiah Hunt (19:34)
Some helpful videos to understand Biochar, its importance and how to use it in your garden.
Biochar for Agriculture: 
Tyler Biochar Fertilizer (7:36)
The Oldest New Thing ...
TEDxOrlando Wae Nelson (9:38)
Up to 300% More Productivity
Food Abundance (8:45)